Friday, August 16, 2013

Cha cha cha changes!

It has been awhile since I posted. E turned 3 and a half one week ago today! Today is also her last day at her current day care. She is moving to one that is closer. I also think this one has more to offer. We will miss the friends we have made at her current day care though. It will be sad to say goodbye. The good thing is that if we need to for any reason we can put her there for a day or a week. This makes me happy.

We have some books that we are giving the school as gifts (Alice in Wonderland, because the director said that Alisa was like Alice going into a new place on a magical journey), Mike and the Steam Shovel ( I forget the exact title) because E loves this book...especially the part that says "bing, bang, crash , slam!!!" and The Little Blue Truck which she loves to read at nap time. Yesterday we brought "bye-bye" mini cupcakes for all of the kids at the school. Today the school is having water day and ice cream party day.

Wish me luck to not cry when I pick her up and she hugs everyone one last time.

Monday she starts a new journey at her new school...and she will be closer to mama which makes me happy.  :)