Saturday, January 25, 2014

She is Perfect

I am stunned that it's been almost 2 years since the judge said "DA." It will be two years on February 9th. I think of our beautiful friends in Russia all of the time. I miss them dearly and still hold in my heart that one day I will be re-united with my amazing "sisters." I want my girl to visit the place of her birth. I want them to see how happy and amazing and perfect she is. I want her to see how kind and wonderful her homeland can be. This is what I wish.

Two years. The time REALLY does go through our fingers like sand. This is something you don't realize until you are watching you child grow and learn every day. I try to grasp on to it. I take notes, I snap photos, I journal...I never want to forget these moments.

She is my heart. She is amazing. She is so much more than I ever imagined. She is smart. She is creative. She has the best imagination. This morning I held her in my arms and while looking into her eyes she said "Mommy, you give me the best hugs. Can we hug all the time?" Honey, you don't know how much I hope this to be true...I love you more than the moon has cheese.