Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last One...

Hi all~

One of the parameters for adopting from Russia is that you have a social worker visit 4 times post placement. The first visit is six months after you come home...then one year...then two years...then three years. This last visit almost seemed unreal to me three years ago. I can't believe it's happening today. In three weeks our little baby girl will be FIVE! The other thing that seems odd to me is that I am writing about ADOPTION at all. She just fits so right with us that it feels like she is just a part of us and always has been. We fit together like the best puzzle ever.

And so, I want to take this moment to say how thankful and grateful I am to Russia and to our daughter's birth mother and our wonderful friends in Pskov. Without you...well, I don't know where I would be...Thank you Russia for helping us find our daughter and trusting us with her care forever. We are a family. We are love. I also want to say that there are so many many children in Russia right now that are missing out on a family, that need a family. It's not JUST a family. It's human nature to need the comfort of love, just as you need food to eat and water to drink. There are so many wonderful families in America, and they are just waiting and waiting to complete the families that they started or start the family that will bring them so much joy and happiness. Won't you please, lift the ban?

I also want to thank all of our friends who have stuck with us since that day in 2009 when I made our "announcement" and thank you to all those friends we have met along the way!

Much love.