Saturday, January 28, 2012


One week from today at this time we will be three hours over the ocean in search of the other half to our heart...

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I think we have all of our paperwork ready! The visas and x-rays came it all needs to be organized. Yippee!!


X-Ray CD to Film

If you have digital x-rays and suddenly need film x-rays it might be a challenge. My doctor said they no longer do film x-rays! Acck!! So what can you do? Send your CD to X-Ray Express...that's what! They are in Texas but have a 48 hour turnaround time. The cost including shipping for all four films is $38...way cheaper than the office an hour away ($20 per film)! Anyway, hopefully this will help an adoptive family out! Oh, and ask for Kyle!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Letter from Little Bee

Dear Family and Friends:

My world in the next few weeks will change a lot, so my mama and daddy wanted me to write you a letter so you will know why we are doing the things we do.

First, we want to fill you in on a few things that make our situation different than perhaps that of someone who was born into this family from the beginning. You see, I've always been with lots of other kids my age and we always had some ladies taking care of us. The ladies did their best but so many kids at one time can be a lot for anyone. They washed, dressed, and fed us but it was their job. A person can only do so much. We didn't get the cuddles, massages, and touch that other children might get from their mamas and daddys. And really (and this is the sad part) -- we don't know what it's like to be loved.

Up until this past year, a mama was any lady and a daddy was any man. Just recently, I've was introduced to my Mama and my Daddy and I don't know what this really means. When we met, they were just great playmates. Now that we are together as a family, they do everything for me that the ladies used to do ~ plus more. They hug me, kiss me, and tell me "Ya tibya loo bloo" (I love you) all the time. This is very foreign to me ~ but I like it :)

Once we are finally home, it will be a critical time for us as a family. I have to learn what a true "Mama" and "Daddy" means ~ and who they are to me. We need time to attach and bond since we missed out on the first 24 months of my life here on earth. Having said that, we're going to try and follow a few guidelines for kids who find a forever family just like I did.

1) My world is going to be small for a while. I'm sure that when I first get home I will have a crazy time meeting my new big family for a little while. Normally, if I was a baby born into the family, friends and family might want to pour in to welcome me, but please understand that I will need a lot of downtime for just a little bit. We'll start venturing out to see people slowly so please be patient with us.

2) I need everyone to know that in order for me to fully understand the roles of my Mama and Daddy, all caregiving aspects should only be performed by them. By that I mean -- feeding me, changing me , dressing me, holding me, soothing me if I cry or hurt ~~ any and all of these activities should only be done by my Mama and Daddy. That doesn't mean we can't play because we can! But if I'm hungry or start crying, simply take my hand and lead me to my Mama and/or Daddy and remind me that Mama and Daddy do those things for me. Others holding and soothing me will only confuse me so please don't take it personal ~ this is just temporary while we still get to know each other as a family. I've never known what it was to have a family so it will take a little while.

3) I'm used to living in a very structured setting back in Russia. Here at home now, Mama and Daddy are trying to make each day very structured, too, to help with the transition and all the changes I'm experiencing. We would appreciate it if you called first before coming over just so we can be sure it's a good time.

Thank you for your never-ending support during this journey. I am so so happy to have a family, and after a little time and adjustment we will have so much fun together.

My Mama and Daddy say thank you for understanding. They also say that if you want to see some videos on attachment and bonding and the period known as "lockdown" (my mama calls it "cocooning") you can watch them here!

Paka-Paka and Spasiba!

~The Little Bee

*This letter (Letter from Kristina) was taken from another blog and modified to suit our family

Sunday, January 22, 2012


This weekend we went to a Chinese New Year party that some friends were hosting and had a great time. We were updating everyone on the adoption. It was so good to say "we will be on a plane at this time in two weeks!" Today we had a birthday party for my niece who turned 8 on January 12th. I forgot to mention that things such as this birthday party and my blog updates have been delayed because the entire family had a vicious VICIOUS stomach virus. Anyway, at the party we played with play-doh and had cake and pizza. The theme (that she picked, mind you) was Thundercats and Pokemon. I doubt that anyone has had the same party...she's certainly one of a kind. The weekend was very warm and it went by so fast! I'm all for time going by fast right now, but couldn't it slow down on the weekends and speed back up on the weekdays?

Tonight I started building the "trip two packing list" also a trip three packing list since we still don't know about 10 versus 30. I'm sure we will know something this week...well, I hope anyway. I AM seriously NOT counting on the luxury of a 10 day wait, and will turn cartwheels if it happens. Oh wait, I pulled a muscle in my shoulder stretching so I better not do anything physical. Tonight I started working on the court book. This book contains photos from our last trip, photos of souvenirs for the little Bee...and my favorite part, photos and sentimental notes and drawings from friends and family. Some cute stuff there. I have ordered a few more photos so I have more work to do on the book.

Anyway, that's our updates for now! Not much to say. Stay tuned and thank you for the well wishes and encouraging thoughts!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

As Promised...

We will be leaving for Russia in a little bit less than 3 weeks and court will be a few days after. I am so happy. In the past 2+ years there were so many moments when I thought this day would never come, that maybe it was all a dream. Our hotels are arranged, our plane tickets are bought and our visas are being processed. Life is good.

Today the mister and I worked on the gnome home. We added some flower boxes to the front. If thing gets much nicer we might all move in!



Saturday, January 14, 2012

Best Dresses Ever- By Valeriya OF COURSE

I know I know, I always tell you how great Valeriya's clothes are but I mean it (would I lie to you?)! For Christmas Baba and Grandpa bought two dresses (this one and this one) and the burp cloths for me. Valeriya was very very kind to us and sent us a little matryoshka blanket in this fabric for the Little B and a very sweet gnome skirt . She also sent a packet of fabulous clothes for the little ones at the orphanage that we will take over in a few weeks (enter squeals with delight). How can you not love her? I also have to say that the quality and attention to detail on these clothes is impeccable. In addition to being kind and generous she is also incredibly professional. If you are looking for unique, handmade, fantastic and fashionable clothes for your little one, please check out her Etsy site. You won't be sorry. I found this dress (look to your right) on her list of custom dresses. Would this not be perfect for the new Asian wing opening at the Harn on March 30? I might need to get this to celebrate the end of this 5 year project (has it really been that long?)!

Thank you thank you Valeriya!

Please stay tuned for travel updates soon!


*photography by Kelly Zaiko

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear Little Bee

HAPPY 23 month birthday!!! Woo woo!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Adoption Tax Credit

Hi Friends!

Would you be so kind and sign the petition for the adoption tax credit? As many of you know, adoption is EXTREMELY expensive. No child should be denied a forever family because of cost. The amount the tax credit provides is a pittance to the actual expense of adoption...but every penny counts! Please sign the petition today...and if you have a blog or you are on facebook please post a link to the petition for us...and for the thousands and thousands of children in the world that need loving homes. Thank you.


Counting Hearts

Another week has passed with no news for us. I am hoping that everyone gets back to work this week and we can make some progress. Until then we sit counting the days until we have court. It's a hard time of the year as there are so many holidays going on. One month from today!


Thursday, January 5, 2012


Accckk...35 days!

Monday, January 2, 2012


2012 is finally here. Yay! I keep thinking back to that moment when the Mister and I walked towards the door to the play room. They opened the door and to our surprise the littlest angel was standing right there, front and center, looking up at us. I think she may have had a halo. What a wonderful memory. I can't wait until the day the door opens, we pick her up, and we take her home...forever. Welcome 2012. I am looking forward to the wonders that you bring to our family.