Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anxious Hearts

Being patient is not something I am good at, but I know it's something I need to get used to if I'm going to keep my sanity. On to fingerprints #3. Tuesday morning I went to the Sheriff's Office (I had been going to UPD because they do ink prints and they are free- which is very important right now) to see if they could give this fingerprinting thing a try. I brought photocopies of the unreadables and told them my horrible story of being print-less after four months of trying. The sweet print lady, Sharleen said that she thought I should try the Live Scans instead....and of course I told her that the agency said INK PRINTS ONLY-NO BIOMETRICS. As it turns out the live scans are not biometrics. They scan the prints so they can tell the quality and then print them on the card...voila! They look just like regular prints! I also found out that my prints are worn (no doubt from typing all day) and would probably never make a good ink print. The Sheriff's Office wrote a note about my worn prints to include in the packet. I did the Live Scan and called the HS Agency and told them what happened. They seemed to think that this should work. I do hope so. I also hope that it doesn't take another 8 weeks...but it probably will. I went to the bank for a certified check and then to the post office and sent those suckers off.

Meanwhile, we can't do anymore paperwork until I get the prints. We have everything ready to go, ready to be notorized and apostilled...BUT we don't want the dates on these documents to we wait...wait wait wait.

8 weeks is a long time when your heart is anxious.


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