Friday, December 14, 2012

Pinterest and Others

Hi! Lil' Bee has been home for 9 months as of yesterday! Time REALLY flies! She's not even the same kid she was a few months ago. She on the fast track for learning and growing. It really is amazing. She is a really special girl. She has a great imagination, she's funny, smart, beautiful, creative...and so much more. Just thought you'd like a quick update.

As for the Pinterest challenge. I have not totally given up, I'm just lazy when it comes to downloading the camera and posting these days. Here are two recent challenges...

1) Southwest Chili Mac.
This version is made with Chicken. As a vegetarian we switched it up. I used vegetable broth and Boca Burger crumbles. Also, I used mini bow tie pasta (the Bee calls them butterflies) because I couldn't find pinwheels. I didn't get a photo because we ate it...but here is the website and here is a photo.

2) I made a Christmas jar. This is the one I pinned. They used some fancy vintage jars:

This one is mine. The photo doesn't do it justice. Maybe I will shoot it again. I made with both with the jar upright and upside down. Papa liked it best upside down so that's what we did! I bought the tree and sparkly snow at Walmart and the little deer a few months ago at Michaels.

That's all!


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