Monday, February 11, 2013

DA and HBD!! One YEAR!!

This past weekend on February 9th we celebrated our on year DA day! I can't believe how fast one year has gone by. Also, yesterday our little bee turned three years old. I really do feel like I just blinked and all of this has happened. I do need to figure out how to stop time. She had a great birthday with five kids, 34 beach balls, a bounce house, cupcakes and a whole lotta gnome stuff. It really went well and we had fun. The Bee is talking up a storm and she loves her guitar and bike and balls and pillows. She is learning how to use the potty and has number one down to a science...number two...not so much, but she'll get there before college I hope!! She is in day care full time now and is doing great. We are sort of getting settled in with papa going back to work. We love this kid so much and we are trying to soak up every second we can because we know how fast it will go by....I rock her a little longer each night because I know one day she will say she doesn't need it (ugh).

One year. Thank you to everyone that made this possible! Thank you judge for saying DA! Thank you Russia for finding us the perfect girl! Thank you agency for all your work! Thank you OG for making this miracle baby and for giving her the gift of life and health!!



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