Friday, April 11, 2014


My little sweetie was in my room hiding under the covers with her pillow shouting "MOMMY, COME PRETEND I AM ASLEEP!!" I ran through the house shouting her name pretending I couldn't find her since I didn't see her under the blanket. I said her name AGAIN and AGAIN...her name...a little girl's little girl. I often wonder if other people wonder at the beauty of saying their child's name out loud? A name I never thought I'd say (especially since we were told we would probably be adopting a boy). The words falling from my tongue like fluffy clouds floating away- clouds I watched in amazement. E L I S A.
It's real. It really is...and almost as surprising as sneaking up and pulling back the covers, shouting I FOUND YOU, listening to thunderous  giggles and stealing a thousand sweet kisses.      

I love you to the moon and back...


P.S. thank you for hugging me hard and saying "mommy, we are like two peas in a pod."  :)

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