Monday, March 8, 2010

and you thought turtles were slow...

My birthday was last week and Mr. N. and I had a special day together the day before. We went for a drive and had a delicious lunch. The whole day was perfect and the sun was out...not too hot. Gotta love Florida springs!

Sorry I have been slow to post about our progress but really nothing has been going on. We have been working on the registration paperwork which was pretty easy but it took us a few weeks to complete. I think we needed a little rest after the home study. We sent notarized copies of the passports to the department of state for the apostille today. Whew! accomplishment! The rest of the paperwork for the registration is complete so once the passports are back we can send in the whole packet. Of course we are still waiting on my FBI background checks (the re-do) to finalize the home study (and that could still be 2 months). This week (and yes I know I've said it before) I am going to start the dossier. I will call the coordinator this week to review all of the needed documents. Hopefully Wednesday...Tuesday is out because LOST is on and we can't miss that. We are excited about starting the dossier! I just want to get all this paperwork DONE! I found a t-shirt online yesterday that says "so far no morning sickness...but the paper cuts are terrible!" That about sums it up for us.

Hang in there sweets...mama and daddy will be there soon!



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