Monday, May 31, 2010

Black-eyed Susans and Other Wild Ladies

January is a month of new beginnings. This is what I wrote on January 22:

Mother's Day is May 9th. I hope I remember to do something nice for my mother. A special person that raised 6 kids, at least two handfuls of neighbor kids and a boatload of grandchildren. Mother's Day. Maybe 2011 it will mean something completely different for me. Maybe.

On the weekend of May 9th I had a great weekend with my mom (and other moms too!). We had breakfast together and then drove to Tallahassee down 90 on a beautifully sunny spring day. The road was lined with yellow, pink and purple flowers. We listened to the radio and talked and when we arrived in Tallahassee we had a quick lunch and checked into our hotel.

I went to baby shower for some wonderful friends who I had not seen for awhile, and then had a very very nice dinner with mom. After dinner we hung out at the hotel and had a good nights sleep. The next morning I gave my mom a card that I had made for her before having breakfast and taking a long drive down the canopy roads in the country before heading back home.

It was a perfect weekend. I love my mom. She really is the best.


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