Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Moments Missed

I know I shouldn't think about the moments missed before I've even had moments, but sometimes I am saddened that I will miss the first year or so of my child's life. I hope that's not silly. I know that the moment he/or she is in our hearts the most magic will begin.

Cute baby video below! Check it out.



  1. I tried to post this before, but kept running into hiccups...

    This is going to sound cheesy, but I believe it fully: don't dwell on the moments lost, just those you've gained.

  2. It's not silly at all. I grieved that time lost too. People in our situation have the odd experience of knowing what's like to miss our child before we have them in our arms. Once I let myself grieve for his infancy it was easier for me to say, okay we're starting from here...

  3. and no matter how long it takes you know you got family thats dieing to meet there new family member!!!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE MY NEW COUSIN!!!! And def cherish the moments we get with him or her :)