Monday, April 2, 2012

E in a Nutshell

Howdy! My name has officially changed from MAMA to MOMMY...she just couldn't differentiate between MAMA and PAPA so we decided to try to make the words sound different. She still doesn't know Mommy either but we're working on it. For now we are both PAPA in E's world.

She is so beautiful. I just can't believe that she is really here. She amazes us with her growth and knowledge every day. She is so smart. She doesn't say many English words but she knows A LOT of what we are saying to her and she is constantly asking us what things are. One of her favorite things is the hot water heater. When we open the door to the laundry room she takes off running to look at it and hit it asking us to say "yes, hot water heater." This is usually followed by the dryer and then the washing machine. Maybe she just loves appliances because we do this with the stove and the dishwasher too...oh wait we also do it with doors, windows, lamps, lights, fans, screen doors, trees (pine, palm, dogwood, crepe myrtle, etc.), leaves, cars (which she says with a Boston accent), sticks, stroller and so many more things. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT. I love her so much! She also loves her belly button which she calls "bubbom." I could go on and on.

Bath time is great now. She loves it so it's no problem.

She's eating A LOT. Maybe too much (checking with the doctor tomorrow) and she is trying all foods. She still doesn't chew so we have to give them in tiny pieces.

We JUST started trying to ween her off of co-sleeping. She's had a few crib naps that went well but the night time isn't so easy. It might be because papa does naps and mama does night time and mama is a pushover and gives in to playing. She did sleep in the crib last night but woke up early around 5:15 a.m. (see I'm not a total pushover). Tonight papa is putting her to sleep in the crib and I will sleep on the floor next to the crib.

Anyway, that's what is happening in a nutshell! We are tired but we are SO SO SO in love.

~Mommy...I think I'll stick with Mama as my blog name if that's okay.


  1. WOW!

    She is doing so great! What an amazing adapter she is...and you guys looked completely smitten, which I love. Write down all of her funny words - bubbom is a great one. I have a list of Elliot's words and it still cracks me up to read "Da-dies"
    and "aymols". (Butterflies and Animals)

    Love you guys!

  2. I'm so behind on reading blogs, but I was SO happy to catch up on E. She's come such a long way and I LOVE the before/after photos. Glad to hear things are going well! Sleep will come...eventually. ;)