Saturday, March 31, 2012

Before and After...dreams do come true.

Our Little Bee is growing and changing so much every day. Today she said even more words and slept alone in her crib...and the day isn't over. Oh and she also ate scrambled eggs and a whole bowl of applesauce. She peeled a banana yesterday and tasted it and actually ate some! We had given up on bananas. (hahaha she just stopped eating her snack to show papa her belly button). Anyway, I know I said I wasn't going to post pictures and I will delete them when the blog is public (I guess I should do that soon) but I wanted to share a before and after. The photo in the orphanage is one of the six photos we were sent before we met her. She was 18 months old. The photo of her outside is from last week at 25 months.




  1. SO SWEET !!! ... I can't believe the difference, not the difference that the past seven months has made .. but the difference that having a family has made. She has her very own Mama & Papa, just like you have your very own Baby B !!

  2. She is just gorgeous! They change so quickly!!