Friday, August 10, 2012

Warm Shelter Update


To all that have donated or participated in the auction…and those that want to participate or donate in the future. The orphanage has regularly placed a plea for assistance in the media and has had the community give them some second hand clothing, strollers and toys. People from the community have also volunteered to spend time with the children and take them for walks. This is wonderful! The sad news is that the staff has been cut significantly. The biggest problem they are facing right now is the lack of medicine. Our plan right now is to send some of the money from the auction and from generous friends by transfer with the Congress of Russian Americans. At this point we will only send a small amount to make sure that it goes smoothly. I hope to accomplish this goal before August 20th. If it works well we will send more money. In addition, the family that brought our donations last time will be traveling soon on trip two, and they will bring money and buy more medicine and winter clothing when she arrives. Sergey, the loving director/doctor of the orphanage sends a warm hello and a big thank you to all that have supported our efforts! THANK YOU!

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