Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hi! A little over 5 months home so I figured I'd give a few E updates

  • She's chewing! This is a huge deal. We are now trying to get her to try new foods and textures.
  • She's talking A LOT and putting words together like "big red truck" "pink ball"
  • She started day care three days a week and is doing great. She says "Fun!"
  • She loves Santa and likes watching videos of Santa and carrying around an ugly yard sale Santa (and making me kiss it)
  • She calls me MOMMY now!
  • She loves to make us laugh
  • She had a speech therapy assessment and is on par with a 2 year old!

Overall she is doing great and I thank my lucky stars and I hope it continues going this well. She is a blessing to us and our family.

Thanks for following! I will have more posts on the auction soon, as well as an official amount that we will be able to send to the Warm Shelter.


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