Friday, September 7, 2012

Auction Update

Here's a little update (thanks Amy):

The first purchase with our auction money has been made!! Warm winter clothing was purchased with the first $200 transferred over- the rest will be transferred when our coordinator returns from vacation. Here's the letter from our facilitator:

"Yesterday I went on the market and bought warm things there (in the market of a thing usually cheaper, than in shops). It is overallses and jackets for autumn and winter and some small things for the rest of money. When I told to the hostess of things that I buy it for a orphanage, she gave me one more overalls free of charge. Today I was in the Warm shelter and gave all things. [The nurse] was very glad and surprised that all things new and beautiful. She told that inhabitants of Pskov often bring absolutely old things. The personnel doesn't want to offend people, and thanks them. But then they doesn't know what to do with these things - after all for small children important to observe hygiene. Your things certainly were pleasant to all. At first we considered it with the personnel . Then just children woke up and all started to try on clothes with pleasure. (Though then children were a little afflicted, as they hoped, they are going to conduct for walk). Laura, excuse that I not always do everything quickly. I haven't enough days off, but I want to make everything whenever possible better. For example, if I bought things in shop near to my house, they would be more expensive almost twice. One overalls there cost nearly 3 thousand rubles, and I could buy thus only two and several trifles. And in the market I bought four sets (moreover the fifth get as a gift), hats, a little knitted trousers. I am very happy with result and it was pleasant to me to see pleasure and gratitude of children and the personnel. [The nurse] wrote the small letter. There it is written approximately so: From office the Warm shelter: By us it is received from [our facilitator] warm clothes for children. With huge gratitude to all philanthropists - now we can walk with children in a cold season. Thanks for your kindness and understanding! 09.05.2012. And once again I thank you - you and all donors is such good fellows!"
Such good news! I am very excited to send the next installment (once our US facilitator returns from vacation) and will soon work on a plan for another benefit. Please stayed tuned...and as always I will take cash for them anytime. Just let me know!!

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