Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pinterest Updates

The Pinterest Challenge is really hard with a two year old. I may not be doing one a week...but I have done a few.

I have made this before, but I was reminded of how wonderful they are via Pinterest and made a giant batch. I don't have a photo of the ones I made as they went to friends...or in our tummies. This is just the Pinterest photo. These cookies are in the style of Neiman Marcus. Pretty yummy.

I also LOVE Halloween and I've started putting E in "Halloween Boot Camp"...practicing saying "trick or treat,"singing songs, and making decorations...also learning the critical things, like what a jack-o-lantern is. I found a cute hand print spider and also a cute finger paint project that involves writing with masking tape and painting over it. I helped her embellish a little bit of web and the spider details but the rest is all E! I combined the two Pinterest pins and made this...I think this should be two points for the challenge (since it involves TWO pins)! She is very proud...and so am I. She's definitely an artist!

This is the inspiration for the hand print:

This is the inspiration for the lettering:

I also found this silhouette of a witch that I loved...

And decided to  make my own..."witch" I actually like better!!

I was looking for a cool oval frame at yard sales (and also eyeballing trash piles while driving), but I never found anything. I then saw this frame at Ross and it was already black! $7.00 for the frame, some black paper, a grocery bag and some ribbon and we are in Halloween business!

I am still working on details for the little store. I want to make a little awning but I haven't found the perfect fabric yet.

Happy pining!!


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