Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Year Really?

There was a time when meeting our daughter or son was just a short story or maybe an amazing dream. I envisioned it so many times and it just wasn't happening. It didn't seem real. So many failed fingerprint attempts and little setbacks...things that, at the time left me crying and in despair...things that I now know set us on the path that we were meant to follow. An incredible E.

One year ago today we stepped off a train and into the snowy darkness. We were met by two beautiful ladies and were whisked away for a quick breakfast and a short meeting before taking what we thought would be the long drive to meet the girl that we hoped would be our daughter. To our surprise...the long journey was really just around the corner (only 5 minutes from the hotel).

One year ago today, a door opened and a tiny girl in a pink shirt and jeans was standing right at the entrance looking up as us (I still remember her with a halo)

One year ago today our hearts became three. We loved you right away. We needed you and you needed us.

One year ago today I could put scent, a touch, a physical feeling...something more tangible to the dream. You sang, you toddled around with unsure footing, you were scared...we were too.

I held you
I caressed you
I loved you

The dream was real. I'm still pinching myself.

Time has gone by so quickly. It really has. I can't believe that it has been a year since the day we met you.

I hope that you are as happy we are your mommy and papa as we are that you are our daughter. I hope that I am living up to the promises that I made you.

Dear daughter, I love you more that words can say.

Happy one year metchaversary!!

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