Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Journey Begins-Hello Baby (someday...soon?)


We've changed direction in our lives so I've changed blogs. Welcome to the new blog of Mr. N. and Mama...on their journey to expand the family through international adoption. We are in the VERY early stages now deciding what to do with our international dreams of baby. We have been doing some research and I have made some new friends along the way. The current questions that we are trying to resolve are 1) what agency!? 2) what country!? We have been in discussion with three agencies now and we've had a webinar with one- we have a seminar with another on December 5 and two teleconferences with another next week (November 17 and 19). We have done quite a bit of research trying to make a decision and it is a difficult decision indeed. Most have the same things or similar things to offer and most people either love or hate their agencies (same agencies reversed for different people so not much help). I read groups and blogs and send emails and make phone calls trying to answer this question. The decision is in our hands. It all is a crap shoot really. We hope to have made a decision by December that we can send in an application on the 6th and get the ball rolling. Jump off the side of the pool into the deep end (holding hands with Mr. N. of course). Country? We are looking at both Russia and Kazakhstan. Both have pros and cons- which I will probably get into in a later blog.

In preparation for our journey we have started a major house cleaning- getting rid of useless JUNK and clearing the space for the little bed and/or crib that will eventually go there. And getting ready for a home study that will begin in a few months. Mr. N. cleaned out the file cabinet and pulled some of the documents that we will be needing, we cleaned out closets, we are working on the laundry/storage room so we can move things into it- making room for our little guy or girl.

This journey will be very exciting. It will be a lot of work. It will require a lot of determination. A lot of money. A lot of time. A lot of sacrifice and MOST OF ALL...A LOT OF LOVE.

But in the end...we will have the family that we want and it will all be worth it.

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