Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Deals

Yay! We finally found the crib that we were looking for- used, online and LOCAL! Just a few dings and scratches with Sealy mattress BARELY used for $80. I was happy. We brought it home and bleached everything down and gave it a good scrub. It looks great it the room! Aunt K and Uncle J have the dust ruffle and a few other items. It will be nice to get those (thanks guys!). We just need a small dresser with changing table capability and a nice comfy glider rocker...and maybe a little bookcase if we have room and we're done! Well, except for the baby which won't be around for a long while :( I hope that LONG WHILE goes by fast!

We finished a few more paperwork items (thanks Aunt J and Grandma!) and took pictures of the house this weekend. I think the HS packet will be ready to send in soon. Maybe this week (fingers crossed). Having days off this week really allowed us to accomplish a lot towards our goal! Way to go Mr. N. and Mama (patting us on the back).

Vacation over. Back to the real world tomorrow. Over and Out.


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