Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunshine, Sand, Waterfalls, Trails...and you.

I have some really neat seashells in my bathroom window, one of which is some kind of purple sea urchin shell. I found it when we were at Long Boat Key with our friends J and A. The trip was awesome and SO relaxing. Looking at the shells I imagined what it will be like to take our little guy or girl there with us some time. It will be so much fun. Mr. N. and I have been so many places and experienced so much joy in our lives that I can't help but become giddy when I think of all the things that we'll be able to share with our little one. When we drove to Daytona for our seminar we passed some parks and hiking trails along the way and Mr. N. said "think of all of the wonderful places we will be able to take our baby." He's right...and I'm ready.

* The pictures to the right are all from our trip to Longboat Key. You can see the sea urchin shell on the left (just the edge of it). I don't know the little boy but he was awfully cute.

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