Sunday, May 1, 2011

Proof Positive

The documents have been sent out for review to make sure that we have done them correctly and that the notary is appropriate. We had planned on sending it the Friday before but the Sheriff's Office didn't like the wording of our letter so we had to re-do and it was another week before we could make it back to the office for them to do the background check and notary. This was the final document for the packet next to the I171 form that still hasn't come back. We knew this would take awhile. Once the agency is happy with the docs we have done and we have received the I171 it will all be mailed out for apostille. It would be nice to have the I171 in hand now so we wouldn't have to wait on it when the rest of the docs come back. I will continue to run to the mailbox everyday.

The playhouse was put on hold last week due to family visiting, but it will be back in full effect next week...hopefully will have a roof and some paint before Friday!!


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