Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Updates (kind of)

Well...we got the dossier back from the DOS a week or so ago with a stupid note about our notary's NEW stamp not being effective yet since the old one hadn't expired. They asked that we re-do with the old stamp (which, btw expired yesterday). Who would think you could renew and the new one wouldn't be in effect yet? It has an expiration date but not a start date. Another stupid hurdle. I guess it's job security for someone. At least they separated the good notary stamps from the bad. We had to re-do 60+ documents. It really wasn't such a big deal...just re-print, re-sign, re-stamp...but it was an annoyance and added time to something I had already scratched off my to do list.

On another note...the playhouse is coming along nicely! I had to put some stuff outside to dress it up. I can't wait until we get to the inside! Photos below!

~ mama

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