Monday, August 15, 2011

Hoping for (Karma?)

I had a strange feeling that we would get "the call" while I was away in Seattle last week. We had a referral a year or so ago (way before we were ready or expecting one) while I was traveling on business in Philadelphia. I think much like watching a pot boil...referrals happen when you are looking in the other direction. I tried to focus on work and the trip in hopes that our pot would boil. I did a crossword puzzle that had my first name in it AND the word Russia (Karma?) the restroom attendant at the airport said "pazhAlusta" and "spasiba" (Karma?) I ate at the Russian bakery three times (Karma?) and had a drink called Leninade (Karma?). I thought my stars might be shining in the right direction. At last we didn't get THE call, but we did get A call. When you are working on your dossier and home study you are in constant contact with your agency. Once this is done and you have sent a check things get quiet during the wait. This is stressful for the type A people. Hearing anything- good news-bad news or a "how do you do?" is always good. It makes you feel a little less like your living in some dark dream floating on a sea looking for a place to land. Anyway, she called to say that my lack of fingerprints has me in less regions and that is what is taking longer. She wanted an update on my fingerprint situation. They spoke to the Mister since I was away and my coordinator is out until tomorrow so I will call tomorrow night to see what she wants me to do. I might do my prints once more to see what happens. If they work (not likely) it will put us in more regions and move things along faster.

I had a dream Saturday night that I had a little blond boy. I was buying him a t-shirt with the staircase by MC Escher printed on the front. A tiny little t-shirt with all kinds of stairs leading no where and everywhere at the same time. Do you think this means something?

On that note I will leave you with a photo of my cheese and onion roll from Piroshky Piroshky and my Leninade.

Love to you and thanks for listening.



  1. I hope you get your call! No one deserves a little one more then you two! That little boy or girl doesn't know how lucky he or she is... Hopefully sooner rather then later he or she will find out what a special family hes got waiting for him or her! We think of you guys all the time... The wait I know has to be killing you... I know our wait tho in different directions but with the same results is a rollercoaster of happy feelings sad feelings and nervous feelings... You two will be awesome parents WE LOVE YOU AND CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!!! Miss you guys

  2. You should be able to call the FBI and if the fingerprints don't work they can still run a background check based on other things: social security number and other identifiers. They can do the same exact letter saying that your background check cleared and that you don't have a criminal history and say that it was based on other identifiers. They've done it for other people whose fingerprints didn't work. You have to call the FBI and get someone good who is actually willing to help you and work with you. It also helps to explain the situation. If you're submitted your fingerprints multiple times and they still aren't able to run them they can do the letter. It just takes someone advocating for you.