Friday, August 26, 2011

Stay off the Internet

Ugh. I was just reading an old blog about a couple that went to Russia a few years ago to meet their referral and the baby had been adopted in-country when they arrived (in the car anxious to go to the baby home and then BOOM...bad news). They then had and met several other referrals they had to decline for medical reasons...also another one that was adopted out right before they traveled. The blog has no ending. It just...ends. Reading this made me feel a little sick to my stomach. I haven't always had the best luck. When something is going great I often think that it has to be too good to be true. I'm guessing the rollercoaster of joy, fear, dread, elation, REPEAT is common with adoption. I just hope this rollercoaster leads to the right place...

I should really stay off the internet.


P.S. Did I mention today that she is beautiful?


  1. Here's a prayer that doesn't happen to you. I have done 3 russian adoptions with IAG and nothing like that has happened that I know of personally so just keep your fingers crossed and know the baby you adopt is the baby that was meant to be yours. I would love to follow your blog. My address is Thanks so much and best of luck! It is an amazing journey!

  2. It happens,that the child is suddenly adopted to a family in Russia, or that the truth about the child medical status is such that the parents have to say no, never heard that it happens more then once though...
    How ever many times it's always heart breaking.

    But most are lucky, and the first child that's named for them is the one for them.

    I'll cross my fingers that it's the case with you as well. Best of luck!

  3. I'm feeling better today! I think it's just so hard to think that something so beautiful and wonderful could really happen! It could REALLY happen! Thank you both for your kind words.

  4. The worst could happen, but the best could also happen. I'll keep you in my wishes. (also can I come by sometime this week and get the rest of game of thrones?) Also start walking around with a 25lb bag of cat food to build up needed muscles.