Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adoption Anyone?


A special request has gone out to adoption bloggers about this little girl that needs a home! She is BEAUTIFUL!! If you have been thinking about adopting and are able to take care of a child with some special needs please go to this link She seems like an amazingly sweet girl who just needs a loving forever family.


Here's the information I have from a friend (aside from the link above)

Please spread the word about this little girl from Russia. She was born with bladder exstrophy and lumbar hernia. Her parents rejected her at birth because of her condition, and she spent all of her life in the orphanage. Lumbar hernia was removed after birth, and Natasha walks perfectly well. She is listed on Reece’s Rainbow foundation: I am a volunteer helping Russian orphans and I know Natasha personally.
She is a beautiful and a soulful young lady. The words that can describe her are “fragile” and “delicate”. The first desire you might experience when you meet her for the first time is to protect her, to shelter her from all the harshness of typical life in orphanage. She is quiet and soft-spoken but possesses internal strength and a sense of purpose in life.. When she was asked where she wishes her database pictures to be taken, she wanted it to be done in front of flowerbed, but she was afraid to step on ants living under flowers, which she always observes on her walks. Her favorite toy is a stuffed black kitten; she loves it dearly and carries it everywhere she goes. She loves animals and hopes someday to own a real kitten.
Natasha just underwent a very complex surgery in Moscow. Her recovery is steady, doctors give a good prognosis. She is listed in Krasnoyarsk district but is residing in one of the Moscow orphanages for now since she is scheduled to undergo another minor surgery in a month and a half. Authorities of Krasnoyarsk promise cooperation in her adoption process in Moscow. Natasha is available for adoption in USA trough HAPS New Jersey International Adoption Agency: Link to her page in Russian database: I have more medical information, plenty of pictures and even a video of Natasha. Please write to
Natasha is waiting for her parents. She trusts us to help

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