Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kids are For Families

When the mister and I had been together only a short time we both talked about what a wonderful thing adoption is and that we would maybe like one day to expand our family through adoption. I never knew it would actually happen and let me say it's a wonderful thing! For one are for families NOT for orphanages and foster homes. Kids deserve to be individuals, not just another one to feed, diaper, medicate. They need hugs, love, someone to hold them, rock them, kiss their ouchies and smile at them when they wake up in the morning...someone to hold them while they read a book...someone that thinks they outshine the moon and the stars (and let me say that the mister showed me the moon last night...and it is pretty darn bright). Every child should be the smartest, cutest, most creative human on the planet to someone somewhere. I want all these things, not just for our Little Bee, but for all of the kids that need homes, that need forever families- for the kids in foster care, for the kids all over the world in orphanages, for the other little babies in B's baby home (especially you Roman!). I'm not saying this today so that you will run out today and apply to adopt a child (but why don't you?). I'm saying this so that you will do something today to make a difference in a child's life. Hug a child! Donate to a charity! Volunteer! November is National Adoption Awareness Month...have I made you aware?

Loving the Bee,


P.S. If adoption has impacted you in any way please share your message this November and spread the awareness!!

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