Monday, November 7, 2011

A Vacation to Recover from the REALLY Long Vacation (and other annoying things)

So there are what seems like a 1000 holidays in Russia and the judges take them all off along with the summer...yes, pretty much the whole summer. Come to find out our judge is also going to be gone the WHOLE month of November...and let's not forget the winter holidays between December 31 and January 8th. Did I mention that they only see international adoption cases on Thursdays? As you can see this really limits our court date options. It looks like we won't be back until January. We predicted this, but naturally behind the scenes my heart was hoping for a court date in December. I'm not sure if they will even schedule a court date while the judge is out. I am still waiting on answers to a small stack of questions.

On a positive note I was greeted via email this morning with some wonderful pictures of our little sweetheart just waking up in her crib. She's beautiful! She's so cute in her crib...she looks like a little jailbird waiting for mama and daddy to come bust her out of the big house. They also sent a few pictures of her from last January all dressed up for the New Year's celebration. Love this girl.

Here's to having her home soon...


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