Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's in a Name?

For weeks we were the universal "papa."  Then I was still "papa" and occasionally "mam." I'm still "papa" sometimes, but more importantly today from the back seat I heard "MOMMY." My hearts swells.


  1. Congratulations MOMMY!!! So happy for you - miss you in a giant way. I need some pictures soon or I will have to start stalking you and Ms. Ellie.



  2. The SINGLE greatest word in the world !!!

    It is a word that is said with meaning not by taught instruction. At this early age, children are not able to be deceptive ... the word "MOMMMY" is a term of endearment, only said when their heart feels it !!

    Congratulations MOMMY .. and just in time for Mothers Day !!