Sunday, January 22, 2012


This weekend we went to a Chinese New Year party that some friends were hosting and had a great time. We were updating everyone on the adoption. It was so good to say "we will be on a plane at this time in two weeks!" Today we had a birthday party for my niece who turned 8 on January 12th. I forgot to mention that things such as this birthday party and my blog updates have been delayed because the entire family had a vicious VICIOUS stomach virus. Anyway, at the party we played with play-doh and had cake and pizza. The theme (that she picked, mind you) was Thundercats and Pokemon. I doubt that anyone has had the same party...she's certainly one of a kind. The weekend was very warm and it went by so fast! I'm all for time going by fast right now, but couldn't it slow down on the weekends and speed back up on the weekdays?

Tonight I started building the "trip two packing list" also a trip three packing list since we still don't know about 10 versus 30. I'm sure we will know something this week...well, I hope anyway. I AM seriously NOT counting on the luxury of a 10 day wait, and will turn cartwheels if it happens. Oh wait, I pulled a muscle in my shoulder stretching so I better not do anything physical. Tonight I started working on the court book. This book contains photos from our last trip, photos of souvenirs for the little Bee...and my favorite part, photos and sentimental notes and drawings from friends and family. Some cute stuff there. I have ordered a few more photos so I have more work to do on the book.

Anyway, that's our updates for now! Not much to say. Stay tuned and thank you for the well wishes and encouraging thoughts!


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