Monday, January 9, 2012

Counting Hearts

Another week has passed with no news for us. I am hoping that everyone gets back to work this week and we can make some progress. Until then we sit counting the days until we have court. It's a hard time of the year as there are so many holidays going on. One month from today!


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  1. In my office posted on a small piece of note paper and stuck with a piece of tape to the inside door of my desk, is a hand written "calendar" with numbers painstakingly crossed off. To anyone else outside of IA this could simply be a countdown to a vacation or bonus paycheck, but I'd hazard to guess that you have one quite similar. I must have made a hundred of these over the course of my 2 1/2 year process to bring home Corbin. They were always based on, "if the (insert document name here) arrives on this day, then it could mean that (insert anticipated event name here) could happen here. This hypothesis inevitably led to other hopeful timelines and the crossing off of many many days on said handwritten calendar. Mine is still stuck on the inside of my office door. Now, instead of the pang of time passing and helplessness that I felt when I'd scrap another rendition that didn't work out, it makes me smile somehow. I'll never forget that it took an eternity but now he's here for an eternity that started with a handwritten sticky note calendar.
    Keep crossing those days off and dreaming big dreams. She's coming :)