Thursday, June 28, 2012


The Little Bee was in a fantastic orphanage the first two years of her life. I am lucky that our girl knows how to love and be loved. This is one way to see how much care she had in the orphanage. We are lucky. They had a doctor, a psychologist, a tutor and a nice staff to take care of the children. This doesn't happen often. So why am I writing? BECAUSE- WARM SHELTER NUMBER TWO HAS LOST THEIR FUNDING AND THEY ARE IN DANGER OF CLOSING. For now, they are surviving. They may have to lose staff...but then they may have to close.The children will be moved to bigger orphanages with less care.

Dr. with donations and photos of the families who helped.

A group of Pskov families recently pulled together our resources on short notice and donated supplies to the orphanage (see picture!). A kind family that was going to another orphanage on their first trip kindly brought the supplies and met with our facilitator. The supplies were delivered this week and the staff were so happy to get them. It's great that we can provide them with these clothes, medicines, soaps, etc...but this is short term and all of these supplies will be gone very fast.


A group of us are going to do a "giveaway" fundraiser to help raise more money so we can purchase the much needed medicines and supplies when our family going to Pskov goes on trip two (last time she brought a HEAVY box- not easy). If you have any items you'd like to donate- hand crafted items, new electronics, gift cards in any amount for our fundraiser- it would be greatly appreciated. Of course we will also take cash. Please contact me if you have any items you think would make appropriate and exciting prizes. Thank you again for supporting the children of Little E's orphanage!

Once the giveaway is up and running we will post it on facebook and on our blogs so the giveaway can begin and prizes can be won! 

Now is the time for you to stop thinking about making a difference and start making one! 


~mama, papa and Little E

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