Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 2011-June 2012

I was snuggled down in bed last night thinking about where we were last year at this time. June 2011-I was filling the hole in my heart with trips to garage sales buying tiny clothes that I could wash and smell and fold and carefully put away. Mostly boys clothes sizes 12 month- 2 years. I didn't know where I was going. I just knew and hoped that one day soon we would have a child, and I knew that child would most likely be a boy. I jumped when the phone rang waiting for "the call." I convinced myself to NOT jump when the phone rang...and wondered if we would ever get "the call." It was hard to imagine that these dreams would ever be real for us. It just seemed so sadly far out of reach.


June- 2012. Up at 6:00 snuggling on the couch with our girl. Poor thing has a cold. We had breakfast, went shopping, took a walk and after her nap and did some secret stuff for Papa's special day tomorrow. His first Father's Day. I am giddy with excitement. This is the life.

Just a few short months ago I could never have imagined how much our lives would change. Now I can't imagine life without her.

Happy Father's Day to my amazing love and perfect Papa to Little E...Mister, we love you!!!!



  1. Love you three. Today was a day I'll remember forever, the first day we met Sweet Bee.

  2. Happy Father's Day, John! What special girls you have. :)

  3. Hope you had an amazing Father's day and hope E is feeling better!