Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Tree Grows in Russia...but Thrives with Family

It's a Russian tradition to plant a tree when a new baby is born. I had every intention of getting papa a tree as soon as we came home with E, but ended up waiting for Father's Day. E and I picked out a pale pink crepe myrtle. I told her that it's her special tree- just for her and papa. It's so sweet seeing them water it together.


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  1. Be careful! We planted a love tree when we moved into our home, thinking as the years pass by we could watch it grow. Then my husband hit the root with a lawn mower. Then we kinda neglected it a little. Then we got a late frost after the tree had bloomed. Then it died. Now we have a giant weed filled hole in our backyard. But I'm sure you'll have better luck than me! I kill everything green!