Friday, February 10, 2012

As You Requested...

This was my part of the speech...
I am blessed to be standing before you today talking to you about the most important thing that I have ever known. As a little girl when my sister asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always said “I want to be a mommy.” Today, I hope to be able to make my dreams of motherhood come true. I will never forget how I felt when I first saw ECN's photo. I knew from that very moment she was meant to be our daughter. My husband and I have been together a long time and we have the deepest love that I have ever known. Having ECN in our lives will make our love even more complete. Every morning we say “good morning” to her photo, a photo that we hung in our room the day after we learned about her. Every night we stop and say “good night” to her photos that we have hanging in our hallway. We have waited and dreamed of her since August 18, 2011, when we were first told that she might be our daughter. We first met ECN on October 10th, our wedding anniversary and we will be with her tomorrow on her 2nd birthday. The fact that we have been together on these special dates makes me even more sure that we are meant to be a family. We can’t wait until she is with us and so that we can dedicate our lives to her. Our family and friends have all been so wonderful and are so excited to meet ECN. Recently we had a huge celebration in anticipation of ECN becoming part of our family. All our closest friends got together and brought gifts and celebrated our impending parenthood. Everyone is so happy at the possibility to have her in our lives. I look forward to being a mama to this little girl and I promise to take the best care of her. I have written my vows to her that I would like to share with you.
This part was in my diary
"your honor, I would like to read to you from my diary"
To My Sweet ECN
I vow to be the best mama that I can possibly be
To teach you to be a strong and loving woman who respects the world and all of the people and animals within it
To teach you to love yourself and where you came from
I vow to take care of all of your physical and emotional needs and to tell you I love you every day (even when you are big and may think you no longer want to hear it)
I vow to keep my promises to you and to listen to you when you need me
To comfort you when you need it
To take care of all of your needs before anyone or anything else
I vow to show you amazing places and things and to give you a warm, loving and safe home and family
But most of all, I vow to give you my heart and my unconditional love
I can’t wait to be your mama.



  1. OMGosh ...... Can you say tears, lots and lots of tears !!!

    Amazingly Beautiful !!!