Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update on Nothing

Just to update you on the nothing that I have but I now have nothing news...this is the answer to my last question about the 10 day wait versus 30 day was much simpler when there was NO 30 day (stupid, dumb, annoying) option. Anyway, this is the response to my email...

"*after speaking with a facilitator in-country* He says it will most likely be a 30-day wait, but no one will know until after court."

Not exactly helpful...looks like we are going with plan A and bringing everything but the kitchen sink...just in case we end up staying...but we probably won't be staying...but we might be...or not. If you are confused, just think how we feel...

What's that ticking? Oh, just our countdown clock.



  1. Ugh! How frustrating! I'm hoping and praying it's 10 for ya!

  2. Apparently we will be the first family to adopt from our region this year (or my agency thinks so) so no one knows how things are going.