Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Most Amazing Thing

Yesterday was our last visit with E and the most amazing thing happened. We went into the reception area and were taking off our coats when the door to the playroom opened. Out runs the cutest girl in a little white onesie and white tights and pink shoes and a gorgeous skirt that was donated to the orphanage by Valeriya. The girl was none other than our EC. She didn't look our direction at first but started to walk the other way when I said "E*****" and she turned and looked over at us and came running at full speed screaming with delight. I got down on my knees and she threw herself tightly into my arms. She was so overcome with emotion that she started to cry while she was screaming and pressing her whole two year old body into me. She just didn't know what to do. She didn't know whether to scream or cry. This my friends is the most amazing feeling that I have ever had.

The facilitator said that in all of her years working in this business she has never seen anything like it.

We spent and hour alone playing with her and feeding her lunch...and then we said paka-paka until March. As you can imagine it was hard to leave her. Thank goodness she is in good hands.



  1. oh my god. I cannot read this blog without crying these days! I am over the moon for you. Ellie Cate has been waiting for her mama and papa. (Also I bought her a dress today, I could not physically restrain myself from doing it)

  2. I can't stop reading that again and again. I really think she felt what your love feels like and she wants more and more and mroe of it!!