Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Court is Satisfied...

I have waited so long to post this message...
Today, February 9, 2012 at approximately 11:30 A.M. (4:30 a.m. EST) the judge said “da” and announced the name of our beautiful two year old daughter, ECN. We will return to Pskov in approximately one month to celebrate becoming a family and finally bring our girl back to the US.
After two long years waiting, we finally finally have a child of our own!
For all of my friends "in process" I will post more about court later. We are going to see our girl this afternoon so I don't have time to write all the details!



  1. Oh wow, what a magic moment this is! Congratulations mama!!

  2. Congratulations !!! - - I can't wait for you ALL to return home, cocoon ... and then finally get to meet my new niece !!!

    What a great birthday present for both Elisa and Mama.

    Love you all.

  3. Congratulations!! I agree, what a fantastic birthday present for Curly Bee. To think, on her second birthday she'll get to spend it with her parents. What a beautiful moment! Love love love and congrats again!

  4. Congrats!!! That moment is amazing and you'll treasure it always! I still can't believe this 30 day wait .... But she's yours and at the end of the day, that is what matters!! I wish Vera and Elise could play together... me when you get back if you would like some two year old transition tips :-)

    Hugs to all of you and congrats again Mama!!!!!

  5. Congratulations! Absolutely the best news I've heard this week and we are so happy for you! Hearing that one word from the judge has to make the entire journey worth it, to know she is officially your daughter and will be home soon. Happy Birthday Elisa!

  6. This is such a momentous day - one you'll remember for always. Love to you three.