Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home Again and Passing the Hat

Hey! We are still recovering from the trip. I'm not sure that we've managed to stay up until 9:00 since we have been home. We got home late after spending the night in the airport. It wasn't as bad as it sounds...kind of like Night at the Museum but with a few random people walking around and sleeping on the floor. I was going to ask the janitors if I could take the floor polisher for a spin but they didn't look like they had a sense of humor. The whole trip seems really surreal at the moment. My love for this little girl grows more and more each second. It's kind of unbelievable really. We are waiting to see if we need to do anymore paperwork. All of our pre-court documents were in Moscow when we left. They were being translated before being sent to the region. Once they are there, the judge may ask for more documents or for us to re-do documents...or may simply give us a court date (could it really be that easy?) I am hoping HOPING HOPING that we will know something in the next week or two.

Did I mention that the orphanage staff were amazing? These people work so hard and obviously want to do everything they can for these children. It really wasn't what we imagined at all. Because we want the best for them and the children we would like to be able to make a donation directly to them. If you would like to contribute a monetary donation in any amount please let me know. We would be extremely grateful.

I will add that part of our fees include an orphanage donation, but this is split among all of the baby homes in the region- the full amount does not go directly to the Bee's baby home...a place that is really deserving of something special.


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