Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moving on to Moscow

We just arrived back to our hotel in Moscow. We both slept pretty well on the train so the night went fast. Today we will do some tourist things in the city and get some rest before our long travels tomorrow when we leave for the airport at 8:30.

Yesterday things went extremely well. We have officially petitioned to have Baby B as our daughter. It was very moving seeing her name as ours on the forms. I am excited to get back home and prepare (and wait) for our next trip back to Russia.

This trip has gone by so quickly and our moments with Baby B have gone by even quicker.



P.S. Baby B wanted me to send you a message...da da dad dada da daa daa ddaa da da :) I think this means see you soon!!

1 comment:

  1. da da dddaaaaa! (can't wait to meet you baby b!)