Monday, October 10, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

What a great anniversary present! I will have to make this brief, but if summary we were met in the morning and went to the MOE office, followed by a trip to a bakery to buy a small cake for the children. The cake we selected had a little fondant bear and some flowers and mushrooms on it. I looked for one with a bee but I didn't see one. We met with the doctor for a discussion and then we went to the playroom...and guess who was standing at the door!! You got it! We went inside and had an opportunity to play with her and watch her interact with the children (p.s. we want to bring them all home). We then moved to another room where we were allowed to play with her on our own. She loved being tossed in the air by John and coloring in her note pad (she was singing while coloring!!) We took pictures and video. They then came in and said it was time for "yum yum" which means lunch. She heard those words and took off running to the door. This baby loves "yum yum" and I have now started calling her Baby Yum Yum. They said that we could talk to the doctor again. He is VERY nice and loves American sports. They also said that we would not see her again until Tuesday (today). All in all the day went very well. We meet with different doctors today and will have more time to spend with her. Gotta go. We will be leaving soon for another day.



  1. Hey you!! In was sound asleep and I must have been dreaming of you! I woke up and had to check in. You met your daughter!!! I'm so happy for you!

    Vera was the same way with the word yum yum at the orphanage. They would say that word and she was ready to grub!! Lol. I used it the first few days with her. Now she knows, "are you ready to eat your (breakfast, lunch, dinner)". They learn so quick!

    Anyway, just thinking of you... Glad you arrived safely and met YOUR girl! Xoxox

  2. yay! Oh I have tears in my eyes for you. You finally met her! You're on your way. It'll all be done before you know it. Thanks for keeping us updated I know it's busy.