Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Home Stuff

We had apple cobbler for breakfast and it was yummy. It's afternoon and I am still in my pajamas. That's what I'm talkin' about! This is the life!! We have been productive though. We lowered the crib, hung some pictures in the nursery, hung the curtains in the nursery and hung up a little zip-line thingee in the hallway for displaying family and holiday stuff. Right now it has photos from our trip...and The Bees's FIRST drawings that she did with us at the baby home. The zip-line looks good, but will take some time to get used to since we really have never had much hanging in the hallway. I hit up some yard sales yesterday and got the B a really nice Little Tykes shopping cart for $2.00! Mama loves a bargain. There are a few more things left on the "to do" list for today but they require putting on clothes other than my gnome pajama pants and my old Tallahassee Tiger Sharks t-shirt and fuzzy socks...I think I will procrastinate those things a little longer.


P.S- I have a wish and that wish is that we are with our Little Bee for Christmas! Please keep us in your thoughts!

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