Friday, December 11, 2009

Agent 56 Reporting for Duty!

Hello friends!

Mr. N. and I received our packet in the mail today. The first part doesn't seem all that daunting really. No more daunting than the paperwork and contracts that I do every day already. I think I scared myself into thinking it would be the impossible...when all it really is is a long list of challenges and hurdles...that I can step right over. No problem. Positive thinking goes a long way. I started running again and it's taking a bit for me to get into the swing. The run around Lake Alice before work this morning was amazing. Sigur Ros "Gobbledigook" made me run faster and made me think about how good my life is and how great it will become. The crisp air helped too. All of it wrapped up made the perfect package for an early morning before work run.

Back to the packet. I'm reading all of it this weekend cover to cover so I can talk with the consultant on Monday. Things are moving right along!

That's my update. Not much happening with us...over and out.

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