Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles...and a Tall Hot Chocolate

Winding down the day with cookies and hot chocolate is not half bad. I highly recommend it. Today is Tuesday (otherwise known as The Day of Giant Accomplishments). I woke up early this morning and cleaned the floor in the new room and moved a few things back into the space. The paint looks so pretty (thanks Jess)! We are thrilled. Every time I walk down the hall I open the door and squeal with happiness. We have a bunch of Mr. N's toys (made by his grandpa) on the floor...next to his old toy box (his dad's old footlocker painted red) and the rocking horse that his grandpa made for him. It makes me so happy and excited every time I walk by...I just can't resist opening the door...and knowing that we are also opening a much BIGGER door into our future with our little one (wondering where you are today?)

In order to get the room ready we had to rearrange the storage/laundry room and the office (to make room for the guest bed and bookcases). It was A LOT of work (all done by Mr. N., my hero). The house still has a lot of things piled around that need homes...one whole side of the hallway is piled high with kid's books. It will hopefully be done this week. We were going to do it tonight but we're just too darned tired.

Today we spent a few hours doing home study paperwork. We have finished a large chunk. We have one form to complete and notarize, we need to order birth and marriage certificates, and Mr. N. needs his work letter...that's about it! Oh...and we need to take photos of the house. The home study checklist has 25 items in all- some are super easy and others are more of a challenge. I also signed us up for our required Hague Convention adoption parenting classes. They are online courses- 5 altogether that we need to take. We also need to take infant/child CPR...but no one is around to sign up with since it is the holidays (same issue with birth and marriage certificates).

In addition to all of this we did a few other domestic tasks AND had a nice romantic dinner (loving the gift certificates!).

*please note that the image of the cookies does not depict my sprinkled sugar cookies.

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