Friday, December 18, 2009

Super Friday


The paperwork has begun! Thursday night I spoke with our coordinator about all of the questions that I had emailed the night before. We quickly went over the paperwork (kind of like an auctioneer throwing all kinds of expected stuff at me)and then she directed me to talk to the Florida office to clarify my other set of questions. Today is Friday and I took the day off to accomplish something! Mr. N. always has the afternoon off. We got our fingerprints done for FBI and FDLE and had a nice lunch before rounding our day off at the Sheriff's Office for some romantic background checks. I called the Florida HS office this morning and didn't get an answer. After three tries the call was re-directed and someone answered (not sounding very happy). I found out that they don't work on Fridays and the call was being forwarded to her cell phone! I felt bad but after chatting things smoothed over and we had a nice talk and my questions were answered. Apparently some of the materials that the packet said were included (but were not) were left out because they are now emailing them. Guess I should have automatically known that! Anyway all is fixed and the HS packet should arrive via email tonight. After the fingerprints and the background checks I went to the bank for the cashiers checks. I really feel like we are moving forward now! Woo!

Tonight Mr. N. and I are going to see a Tuna Christmas at the Hippodrome (thanks Jess!). It should be fun. Tomorrow we are going to copy and mail all this stuff and I am going to bake some serious cookies!

~ mama

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