Saturday, December 5, 2009

Heading Down the Path...or Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Today we got up early and drove to Daytona Beach in the rain for our AGENCY seminar. We were pretty sure that we had made up our minds to apply with them, but I wanted to see how they were in person and make sure that after all the research I had done that I wasn't missing something. They didn't tell us anything new but it was reassuring to know that I have done all I can in making this life changing decision. Even though it rained on the entire drive the trip was nice and I enjoyed the sweet company of Mr. N. We had lunch at a cafe called The Dancing Avocado and made our way back home. We needed naps so we took care of that. He watched football. I picked up a delicious extra cheese and fresh basil pizza...and then I sent in the application. The journey has officially begun...of course they may look at the application and so NO WAY and then all will come to a screeching halt...either way, with fingers crossed and hopes high I sign off tonight.

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