Sunday, June 19, 2011

Etsy Bitsy two

As promised I have a new suggestion for day two of the Etsy Extravaganza. Today's Feature is Valeriya: Custom Creations for Your Little Ones. This shop has many fantastic handmade items including clothing and gift sets. I particularly love the outfits designed for little girls. Check out the Gnomeville shirt and the Matryoshka skirt. These are just a few of the many wonderful and playful things created by Valeriya. The thing that peaked my interest in her collection was the Matryoshka burp cloth set (see image). I loved it so much I put it on the wish list! Please check out Valeriya and and buy a present for your little one (and if it's the Gnomeville shirt I must see a picture!) Happy Etsy shopping. Support artists, collectors, thinkers and doers!!

Valeriya Shop:



  1. Just wanted you to know, I bought a cute dress. Thanks for the info. I can't wait to see Ava Grace in it.

  2. Hi Sally, I've been following you! Ava Grace is BEAUTIFUL!! Would love to she her in the dress!