Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gnome Home Yippee!

Here are some photos of the gnome home. We love it (yes, bragging). Let me know what you think!


  1. Are you kidding me?!? I have gnome home envy... baaaaadddd. I wish I were handy... scratch that - I sort of am... I wish I were ambitious :) This looks amazing right down to the last detail (are those actual functioning opening windows?!?) This is AWESOME! Your gnome will never roam (you just need a sign for the porch that says, "hangin' with my gnomies".

  2. Love love love! so whimsical and beautiful!
    I second what Stacey just wrote about the sign! that would be so fun :)


  3. Thanks everyone! We are really proud and can't wait to play in it with our little one. The windows do function. I love the idea for the sign...I might have to make one (I hope there is no patent on the phrase) :)

  4. I wish i could live there! So bright and cheery. I love it. perfect for making childhood memories.