Thursday, June 23, 2011

A gnome by any other name...

I bet you're wondering while I'm still talking about gnomes when I promised to post my endless list of Etsy treasures? Well...let me introduce you to Gabe (see his photo on the right, please). He was a gift from the Little B's aunt and uncle. You guessed...he was found on Etsy!! Yes!! Isn't he adorable? The artist who made this little beauty is Lily from Two Stray Cats. You've gotta check this one out (please note the babushkas). She does wonderful work and even made some blocks for Little B with owl fabric and red minky fabric (thanks aunt and uncle!). Not only is Lily a great artist, she's a lover of animals and generously donates the profits to help animals in need. She's also willing to do custom creations (ahem *cough* like bibs and burb cloths, I'm sure) to help make your vision a reality. Did I also mention that she is nice? Anyway, check out Two Stray Cats, get some cool stuff and help some animals in need!

as always,



  1. Oh my! thank you so much :)
    tickled pink reading this post :)


  2. I love these etsy finds!!! But I almost hate you for showing me another fabulous place to get baby stuff! Colin is totally jealous of your playhouse! Corey