Tuesday, July 19, 2011

JuJu's Dreams of France

So, this is a kitchen only Julia Child (and Baby B) could ever dream of having :) Yay! I am SO SO SO happy with it!! The Mister and I always make the best team.

Like I said yesterday, the kitchen is made of scrap wood that was mostly leftover from the Gnome Home construction. The green paint is leftover from the desk chair in the nursery* and the white paint...well that's leftover trim paint from the house.

The pot rack and blue "s" hooks came from Ikea.
The stainless sink was a roasting pan from Ikea (we just took the handles off).
The silver stove knobs came from Ikea.
We constructed the faucet out of a few pieces of PVC.
The sink knobs and the oven handle came from Lowes

And the burners are old Cds that I spray painted with a matte black finish!

I hope you like it! But most importantly I hope Baby B likes it when he/she decides to make their debut.


*speaking of the nursery...it's currently a wreck but I hope to get it organized in a few weeks or so and then I will send some updates of that little project.